Moving along into 2014 asks for a little self-reflection. Mainly that I don’t know what I’m doing, but who ever does? I’m on a ride across continents and times, and holding on to the best I can. Graduation looms, so do separations. Options unfold and clamor for attention while the world keep turning and growing more complicated with each day that pass.

I’ve been incredibly lucky (and still am) to be able to count amazing people as teachers, mentors and friends, and I’m taking this whirlwind Sunday to count their names in as many blessings as words allow me to and link to their books and works— it was the 2014 Association of Writers and Writing Programs in Seattle those past few days and some of them were there, showing and reading their writings.
(One day maybe I’ll be there too)

Lesley Jenicke at Gold Wake Press, with her new book Holy Island (She’s their header image at the moment, hi Lesley!),

Sophia Kartsonis, everywhere you can find her, who have been helping me with my Senior Thesis and been incredibly patient hearing me complain endlessly about things, up to and including my roommate’s cat raising Great Old Ones during nights through inhuman chanting,

And last but not least, Josh Butts who never once says anything about my horrible English but instead encouraged and widened my horizons. (I don’t know where the picture for his site was taken, but it looks fun)


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